Granny Rose slippers

I finished my first pair of Granny Rose slippers! Happy and fast I already have 3 requests for some. Here is mine: Have a Blessed Day ~*<3*~ Christina Advertisements


Well last night I actually had time to finish up the Converse booties for the grand baby. 🙂 So far he has 2 pair of booties, 1 hat, and a sleep sack. I think thats a good start 😉 . My Girlies are asking for stuff now.Im trying out a new patter – Granny Rose … Continue reading

Slow progress

I have the pair of converse almost finished. Not sure when I will have time. Been moving. Hopefully soon. 🙂 ill post a picture when I get done 🙂 Good night and God Bless Christina

Updating Stuff

Ok I have added a page w/yarn links on it. I am sure this will grow as I gather all of the places I go for patterns and stuff to do with knitting and crochet.  For now these are my main places.  OH and Google too of course. 🙂 Have a Superb Saturday! Im off to color … Continue reading

Knitting for babies

  Ok I have been a kniting Grandma! I have knitted so much!  My oldest daughter is expecting her first baby at the end of May.  Its a BOY! The first one for me! I have 3 girls. I’m a little worried that I wont know how to do things, but I’m pretty sure that … Continue reading


Ok So I wanted all of my blogs in one place so I have moved it here.  It will probably change over time as well.  Im going to connect it to my other blog and put a link to each and visa versa.  Enjoy ~*<3*~ Christina      

Christmas Gifts Done!

Christmas Gifts Done! I must say that they were accepted and greeted much better than I thought they would. 🙂 That made my heart feel good. 🙂 Teddy Bear – Niece  #1 I was so glad she liked it.  She gave it a big hug and even showed off the Initials I had embroidered in the behind. 🙂 For Neice # 2 I … Continue reading

3rd time is NOT a charm….

Ok 3rd time is not a charm with this teddy bear!  I decided one child is going to get a scarf and a head warmer with a pretty little flower.  The other child is going to get a scarf and a mowhawk hat.  I hope he will like it. Plus they will all have something … Continue reading


The first of 4 Teddy’s is Done!!! Finished. 🙂 Im so happy with the way it turned out.  I even embroidered Her Initials into the tush of the bear. 🙂 I added the scarf because its winter and the head was wobbly, this helps it stay strong and upright.  I also stuffed the scarf around … Continue reading